“[...] don't edit your soul [...] ”                                                           Franz Kafka, 1883-1924  

... and I may add to Kafka's words:

You'll be able to masterly edit your own life !

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My Summer

I'm there in life... when Summer is about to end, and not afraid of Autumn, and happy to welcome someone's Winter. 

Look around when Summer ends... in nature, in our lives... it's when Life has most colors!

I Teach

I teach crafts and visual arts, elementary level... so in my bag plenty of crayons, not so much eye-liners or lipsticks. Well, maybe a hand-cream :)


Jottings I_Teach
Jottings Be_Pretty

Be Pretty! 

Been raised catholic, with most of "teachings" toxic to my personality. Dropped most of them, but kept a few, like common sense and respecting myself & others, or like this one:

  • Men ought to be wise & protective,
  • Women ought to be beautiful & loving.



Listening to Hearts

I'm a good listener, there were times in my life when I much preferred to stay quiet and listen instead of talking... Now things are a bit different, being a teacher helped me to better express myself using words.

As a "general rule": I listen, then I talk... first with heart, then with mind... well, whenever possible!

Jottings About Me Listening
Jottings About Me Things Well Done

I like things done well

till the end and in every detail.  Sometimes the desired results fail to appear, but then at least we have the feeling of doing our best... Victory matters, so does the path towards achieving it!

...from bohemian to undisciplined and tempered... I have it all! Could you stand me?

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About_me Jotings Needs

Certain needs are beyond our will, actually most of them, they are deeply rooted in our human nature. I don't play games with them.

#GoodFood #HealthySleep #FreshAir #Sexuality #Sensuality #HumanNature #HumanNeeds 

My Dad

How I wish I'd still have him with me, he had this gift to find a solution to all problems. I miss him a lot! If only all men would know their daughters will always need them!


Jottings My_Dad
Jottings About Me Under Construction

Under Construction

LOL! Construct yourself!

Well, indeed, I'm not an ordinary person... but this "Under Construction" means a new "ABOUT ME" jotting will be placed here some day.

I'm on Medium,

trying to express myself through written words ;)


Some free audios on my 

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I'm a

Ko-fi creator.

Read my posts and enjoy the gallery I have on my page!

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My little Gumroad Shop,

not much, but at least I've started and hoping to learn how to create & sell in the same time!

My YouTube channel.






















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